About Us

SMART, the most advanced company for the development of companies in the textile sector, from production to retail.

Our range of services supports all new projects from the development of new factories and innovative processes to strategic consulting.

We are specialized in consulting services for the textile, mechanical, automotive, oil & gas industry, from the improvement of production activities to the development of new product lines.

We offer multiple services to our costumers by relying on a group of highly qualified consultants, selected for their deep experience in their specialties and for their problem-solving skills, as well as for Smart’s international partners.

Our consultants will be deeply involved in any aspect of the client’s activities from the first step to design together the most suitable improvement project.

Focused on new technologies and new approaches to textile markets, we improve the ability of companies to provide their costumers with advanced products, with less impact on the environment.


SMART is an independent third party, offering a neutral and unprejudiced consulting service.


SMART has a Smart Company idea approach and environmental sensitive. Always looking at the future.


SMART weaves the network of highest skilled professional figures.

Turn Key Solution

We offer a complete turn key solution package in strategic, marketing, operational, technological, equipment fields. SMART is leader in the customize solution for our customers.

Our Story

  • Lanificio Cecchi Lido & Figli


    Lanificio Cecchi Lido & Figli

    Emanuele Cecchi's grandfather Cecchi Lido founds his own first textile industry, estabilishing quickly the new standard reference's top benchmark in the textile's worldwide.

  • Bernocchi Mario founds Tintoria Bernocchi


    Bernocchi Mario founds Tintoria Bernocchi

    Emanuele Cecchi's other grandfather founds Tintoria Bernocchi as a top dyeing and finishing of a fabric mill in the heart of Tuscany region in Italy. Located in the city of Prato, in Florence area, Tintoria Bernocchi becomes the new advanced technology standard.

  • Emanuele Cecchi's Birth


    Emanuele Cecchi's Birth

    Emanuele Cecchi was born. He grows breathing textiles in his families' industries.

  • Emanuele Cecchi's Graduation


    Emanuele Cecchi's Graduation

    Emanuele Cecchi graduates as Master Textile Engineer.

  • Initial Steps


    Initial Steps

    Emanuele Cecchi begins to work in the textiles manufacturers of his family, in Lanificio Cecchi Lido and Tintoria Bernocchi.

  • The Growth


    The Growth

    After long experience gained in raw materials, spinning, weaving and dyeing and finishing, Emanuele becomes a main figure in the company.

  • International Patent


    International Patent

    Emanuele gets his own international patent for an innovative ecogreen process in the textile field, in accordance to new fabric’s treatment.

  • International Consultant


    International Consultant

    Emanuele decides to challenge his level of expertise around the world, beginning the consultancy activities

  • Projects Around the World


    Projects Around the World

    In the next decade Emanuele starts to consult with unbelievable multiple projects all around the world, establishing a wide range of high level network in the textile industries, and getting high reference by top international costumers.

  • The SMART Idea


    The SMART Idea

    Emanuele decides to open his own company "SMART", starting consultancies operation.

  • Internationalization & Diversification


    Internationalization & Diversification

    SMART extends cooperation for the internationalization of Italian firms in the mechanical industry for oil & gas sectors and automotive

  • New Team Members


    New Team Members

    SMART welcomes the new team members in IT field, business marketing, foreign affairs and promotion of the international patent application

  • What's Next?


    What's Next?

    Would you like to challenge us? We will surprise you!

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