Management & Consulting

Due to the complexity of each project and in order to make an easy and direct approach to all the matters and problems we provide a full time management service.

Technological Area

  • Realization of a Technological Project on site and related documentation
  • Selection of a wide range of suppliers, preparation of enquiries
  • Oversee the inspection and troubleshooting of equipment, machinery, hardware and software
  • Control of refurbishment and reconditioning at refurbishing site (if any)
  • Investigation and evaluation of new technologies and tools as opportunities for innovation and development excellence
  • Oversee technical design documentation process for correctness and timeliness

Engineering Area

  • Definition of the technological strategy with the development team of each project: pipeline, tools, and key development procedures
  • Supervision and coordination to erection of equipment and machinery on site
  • Support to the local Engineering department for utilities distribution design
  • Evaluation of software implementation on design and task thoroughness
  • Identification of poor software systems that need updates
  • Creation of automated test processes for system features and contribution to the build system

Processing Area

  • Selection of equipment, accessories and coordination of process line, commissioning and start-up
  • Development of information systems targeted to clearly and identify the possible causes of poor performance of the existing plant
  • Improvements of existing procedures for the reprocessing of goods
  • Selection of external collaborators or partners
  • Establishment of appropriate rules and limits in production
  • Aid in all stages of post-production including during finalizing

Training Area

  • Development of a training program of personnel on site
  • Development of procedures for quality control at all stages of processing, to ensure the satisfactory quality at all points of the production processes
  • Assess technical risks and mitigation plan
  • Establish standards and procedures to track and measure project's progression
  • Evaluation of development teams, identifying strengths, problem areas, and development of plans for improving performance
  • Evaluation interviews for candidates for technical positions
  • Provide input to the other disciplines on the practicality of initial design goals and impact to the overall project timeline

Our Goals

  • Obtain relevant international industrial benchmark indices and assess the mill against the main functional and sub-functional benchmark indices and correlated performance assessment parameters established and measure its improvement on a quarterly basis
  • Improvement of the productivity
  • Improvement of the performance of production operations in terms of time consumed, number of rejected items
  • Reduction of operational cost, reduction of process time, work in process, cost of material, handling & stock keeping
  • Improvement of the performance of the finishing section
  • Achieve consistency of quality / production under control to avoid excessive consumption of raw material, chemicals and energy
  • Upgrading employees performance as well trained on all of the above listed Specific activities, Solving problem mentality & team working (quality circles)
  • Optimization of the labour
  • Provide clients with a production, training, operative, maintenance & quality manuals and checklist for QC team, Standardization, Operative Lab

Special Projects

Gold Finger

The PVD Metallization of textiles


Textile factory from the future, now.