• 1955

    Bernocchi Mario (Emanuele Cecchi Grand Father) found Tintoria Bernocchi as a top dyeing and finishing of a fabric mill in the heart of Tuscany region in Italy. The factory is located in the city of Prato in Florence area

  • 1970

    Emanuele Cecchi born and he is beginning is life by breathing textiles.

  • 1989

    Graduate as Textile Engineer

  • 1993

    Emanuele Cecchi begins to work in the textiles manufacturers of his family ( lanificio Cecchi Lido and Tintoria Bernocchi )

  • 1996

    After long experience gained in raw materials, spinning, weaving and dyeing and finishing, Emanuele became a main figure in the company

  • 2005

    Emanuele get his own international patent for an innovative ecogreen process in the textile field in accordance to new fabric’s treatment

  • 2008

    After families hard decisions to shut down the production facilities in Italy, Emanuele has continued to develop new relationship in all the world and he begins the consultancy activities

  • 2009

    In the next decade Emanuele starts cooperate with unbelievable multiple projects all around the world and establish a wide range of high level network in the textile industries and getting high reference by top customer world wide.

  • 2015

    Emanuele decide to open his own company SMART and start consultancies operation

  • 2017

    SMART begins cooperation for the internationalization of Italian companies in the mechanical industry for oil and gas sectors and automotive

  • 2019

    SMART welcome new team members in IT field and business marketing and promotion of the international patent application

  • 2020

    SMART welcome to the future

In a nutshell he has operated actively in the following countries: India Egypt Saudi Arabia Tunisia Romania Turkey China Vietnam Taiwan Japan Russian Federation United States Of America Dominican Republic Canada Switzerland Austria Germany Netherland Spain Great Britain Italy