Goldfinger project was born based on the International European Patent owned by Emanuele Cecchi number EP1682690B1

Following months of researches relying on other production process techniques, the applicable methods have been understood.
Different pilot plants have been designed with various metallization equipment manufacturers in order to conduct the first tests.
The system can be used on all the woven, knit, warp knit fabrics and hosiery.
Technical textile will be almost the key important point.

However, some of the possible applications are the following:

  1. Clothing Textile
  2. Marine Textile
  3. Aerospace Textile
  4. Automotive Textile
  5. Military Textile
  6. Furnishing Textile
  7. Healthcare Textile
  8. Textile Accessories
  9. Advanced Textile


The PVD Treatment is a clean process that provides the fabric with a special surface finishing with a minimum Environmental impact. This is especially true when compared with the other finishing processes.

In a market that is everyday more concerned about the Environment, the PVD technique is extremely interesting for both the achievable technical fabric characteristics and its eco-friendly process.

The various metallization treatments provide to the substrate high performance such as:

  • high hardness
  • low corrosion
  • low friction
  • wear-resistant
  • transparent protection
  • flexible barrier to the diffusion of gas or elements on the surface
  • hydrophobicity
  • hydrophilicity
  • organic functionality

  Eco Eco Friendly & Sustainability

The PVD Metallization processes are considered Eco-Friendly due to:
  • Low Power Consumption of the whole Metallization Process, with reference to other finishing treatments
  • Solvent Free Processes
  • Reduced Carbon Dioxide Footprint
  • No chemicals and additives
  • Argon is not a greenhouse gas, most of the processes use Argon as carrier
  • No Waste Water, the processes do not require water consumption (only closed loop for cooling)

The Results

Cotton with Chrome & Aluminum finishing

Nylon with Brass finishing

Poly Lycra with Silver Finishing

Visible Effect

Wool with Silver Finishing

Detailed View

Wool with Silver Finishing

Microscope View

Wool with Silver Finishing

Further developments

SMART is currently undergoing several research activities in collaboration with Universities and Research Centers to validate the metallization finishing for different final use (as medical, technical, personal safety etc.)

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