Smart is ready to introduce the next generation of the textile industry full integrated cluster system.

Today, the Textile industry clusters looks almost a fragmented and disaggregated model.

  • Raw material: it is not connected directly in the manufacturer
  • Spinning operations are almost independent and separated clusters
  • Weaving, Knitting and Warp Knitting are also separated and not connected to dyeing and finishing almost .
  • Dyeing, Printing, Coating and Finishing are constantly alone and under pressure by the garment requirements.
  • Garmenting is also standing alone by selling almost capacity

Today the Textile Industry vertical system is still reflecting the old generation view and style. It means all units processes are still kept separated.
Environmental and Sustainability concepts are not taken in consideration as the top of priority aspect.

What is Greenlab?

GREENLAB means global Capabilities and understand the challenging of the world today.
Green Lab is the only unique model for the next future and most advanced generation of the textile industries.
It represents the perfect balancing of a full vertical integrated structure and flexible multiple business unit.
The model allows to develop a real sustainable cluster system around the main Green Lab facilities.
Properly it covers all the answers and all requirements for the textile industries today and tomorrow.

Greenlab Goals

Most of the biggest retailers and brand are looking into “full package” product. Creating a line of garments coordinated with fabrics will allow to sell more than twice respect to basic sales of fabrics. Many customers now are restructuring the own organization with less and less people involved in the fabrics buying process. Mainly the buyer now are focusing on the garment in order to avoid expenses and general logistic issues. It is a consolidated trend that our customers are worldwide more and more willing to buy the finished garment rather than being involved in buying and handling fabric. They generally prefer to concentrate their time and energy in product and marketing research and not being stuck in production complications.

  • Revenue Growth: sales of garments will drastically increase the general turn over since the unit price is higher and the potential of markets is bigger
  • Profitability Growth: the gross margin is shared with the fabrics and garment manufacturer that will increase the synergy
  • Lead time process: allow the fabrics unit producer to arrange the production with sensible longer term and cover all the capacity
  • R&D cost reduction: creating a coordinated full package product will allow the organization to save costs since the investment on the collection will be much more focused
  • Basics: presenting the garment with fresh and updated style will allow to increase a lot the sales of “basics solid” fabric
  • Market Research: will allow to get the correct garment style, so no need to create a collection just copy and modify the items bought during the research that will be into key cities (Tokyo;New York;London;Berlin;Paris). It will be done only with current or vintage and used garment
  • Fabrics package: it will tailored to specific requirements of the final garments.

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